About me

How did I get here?

Something I ask myself on a regular basis! The short version of the story is that I came to Australia as part of a five month round-the-world trip. I ran out of money and decided to stay and work until I could afford to travel more. During that time I met Mr Miner and after some more travelling I moved to a mining town with him. We lived there for less than a year before I got offered a job in the city and he moved with me. 

He now does drive-in, drive-out and we are really lucky to have an even roster, but at the start of our relationship with me living in Sydney and him in a mining town, we spent a lot of time apart. I don’t claim to be an expert, but having lived this lifestyle for nearly five years I hope to be able to give some insight into what the mining lifestyle is like. We are not married and don’t have any children so this is just one very small view of a big industry.

Please feel free to ask questions to understand more and offer insightful observations, I like hearing other people’s opinions, but no haters please.


Who is Miner’s Girl?

Although the title of this blog might suggest otherwise, I am not only the partner of a Miner. I am a freelance journalist and a full-time marketing manager; I am a people-loving, silence-hating, unashamed fan of pop music and chick lit (pop is short for popular after all!). I am a slow runner, a fast eater, a pretty good cook, a sloppy cleaner, a soppy romantic and an Aussie-influenced, English soul, who loves nothing more than tea and cake, or even better, cheese and wine!

Happy reading x